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Craft a skill in 3 Steps

Created by Admin In Articles 31 August 2021

A quantifiable objective that is pre-set in mind is a great way to focus on your training throughout the session or timeframe.  Action mapping is the best way to overcome prejudices and later to show how your skills are going to help in achieving your goal towards your career.

Unfortunately, most learners don't have an obvious motto to learn something and implement it later, so here's a speedy blueprint that can help you connect your ultimate goal while learning or training.

Make your Mind up First –

Many learners directly jump in the ground without having an idea that what they are actually good at and do this skill or training they are going to take will benefit them in the long term. This is the worst thing any learner can do in their training period or before that.

You ought to have an idea and aftermath plan to make things work in your favor. It is not enough to learn a skill or something just because every other person doing it isn't a good thing at all.

They have other reasons or interests and you have others... so it’s not going to help you in all scenarios of life, you must have a complete blueprint from the foundation to the top of the goal that you have perceived in your vision before.

Choose your Niche Wisely-

Discover and evaluate a learning path completely before opting for it, so that it clears and enhances your personal as well as organizational skills which could help in the transition between a career well as skill sets.

A vision is a must before stepping in or starting a new learning path that has already been used by many others in this competitive world. Always choose something to learn or to enhance your skills according to your field of interest, it may be hectic and hassling later otherwise.

For instance, you are into web development and have no knowledge of statistics and physics concepts then it’s quite a stupid act, to choose AI and ML to expand skills until and unless you must have a deep knowledge of mathematics and physics concepts clear in your mind.

 With hard work and dedication, it’s possible to learn anything but you have to learn effectively. In order to make a new skill as career advancement options are many but you have to have a clear mindset. Once you choose your skill and enroll somewhere there is no going back either you learn and earn or lose money. A skill of your interest could help improve the chances of getting a promotion or bagging a high-end job in the tech industry.

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Identify Your Goal in general terms –

Your goal is the ultimate destiny of the training you are stepping in since from the beginning you learn things stepwise in order to fulfill that particular goal which you had set prior to the training sessions. If you have the things clear in mind like why you are taking this particular course and in what way it is going to help you in the future. It might be easy to get that specific goal just right after the completion of the training period.

Think wisely if you are investing your money and time as well, it must have a return of investment. For instance, you put your 6 months in any development training, then after 6 months, how much time it requires to earn accordingly and the money you invested in that course would be justified.

Some examples:

  • "We need mobile app training" – Learn effectively and put efforts to make it in practice develop your own projects, so that you can showcase them later in interviews.

  • "We need cloud training" – learn all the basics and fundamentals of how things work CI/CD pipelines and frameworks so that you can perform better at real-time challenges in your forthcoming job.

By making goals like this, we're not just promising to ourselves that our personal project alone will be responsible for the change in salary numbers, but also your area of knowledge is also going to enhance.

However, we're making clear that only a personal project isn’t directly related to the chances of success but also your concept and knowledge play an important measure that affects the whole process of learning.

We hope you have a clear idea of how to craft a skill while learning effectively and develop a passion for it organically. You can see and do things which have been done by many people before and many are still doing but it’s not the right way to learn things. At last, we only want to convey a message that does things that indulge you with interest, not just hype that is created by marketing agendas.

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